Mission & Vision

To provide an effective and efficient integrated security and automation service, recognized by international standards. By utilizing skilled trained personnel supported by advanced technology and a holistic approach to managing Alarmcctvintercom client's risks and assets.


  • Alarmcctvintercom developed a unique concept of automation service to ensure professional and productive solutions to customers needs. By integrating a skilled, experienced management team, highly motivated personnel.
  • Alarmcctvintercom operates on a structured decentralized basis. The decentralized branches are established in the epicenters of the customer’s locality, thus reducing logistics and reaction time, and more importantly, maintaining high service levels.
  • Alarmcctvintercom is a unique and dynamic company, which seeks to enhance the protection of its customers, personnel, services and assets to an above average level by means of purposeful and cost effective risk management services.
  • Alarmcctvintercom is committed to rendering a professional service in the physical risk management environment of industrial and corporate security by amalgamating innovative thinking with physical focused management of skilled personnel and advanced technology.
  • Alarmcctvintercom endeavors to match itself withthe leading security companies on a global sphere, managing growth in a controlled fashion and maintaining existing high levels of service.

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